Shell gel candles

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I can finally use some of the shells I collected this summer!

I got as a gift half a box of transparent candle gel, and I couln’t wait to use it 🙂

The result are these two little candles; decorative candles? they are cute indeed, but I won’t leave them on a shelf gathering dust… 🙂

This may not be a kid activity: the gel must be hot, a lot of patience is necessary to have a nice result. But the kids can have their part in this: looking for shells on the beach or on a river shore, can’t they?

The shells I used come from southern Spain (she light ones) and from Lake Garda (the black and white ones).

Here’s a summary, click below to see the complete tutorial.

Here’s what we need:

1) Melt the gel in a water bath, low flame. Check often because the plastic box may start melting if it touches the metal saucepan. (Follow the istructions that you find on the box anyway).

2) When the gel is liquid enough, pour a first layer. You can obtain different effects depending of gel temperature: the colder, the more bubbles it will form. After a couple of minutes, lay the first shells.

3) Pour some more gel. Insert shells when gel is not liquid any more, otherwise they will all sink. If the gel is solid, you can place the shells vertically. I poured a little bit of gel 4 times.

4) Cut and insert the wick when the gel is partially solid (decide where to put it before you place the shells!!)

5) Candle’s done.

It looks like the shells are floating in water, and those little bubbles are so perfect in this. 🙂

note: in stores you can also find  colourings and fragrances to be melt in the gel.



6 Risposte a “Shell gel candles”

  1. stellajodie 19 settembre 2011 a 10:53 #

    Che belleee le avevo già viste su fb in anteprima!! carinissima! Grazie Ceci per aver risposto al post sul vestito :-*

  2. frida 21 settembre 2011 a 15:13 #

    Like it!

  3. Inspire Me Heather 27 ottobre 2011 a 15:29 #

    I’ve made these before! The first year my husband (then boyfriend) were together we made these with local beach shells and gave them away as Christmas gifts. They were a big hit too! My Mother-In-Law still has hers and the wax has gone yellow – too bad!

    • crearescout 27 ottobre 2011 a 15:42 #

      I am planning on giving them away as gifts too! By the way your post about candles is amazing, I found some great ideas (now I am trying to understand what is Epsom salt in italian and where to find it!) 🙂


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