A first aid pouch (tutorial)

16 Nov

Sewing is not as hard as it may seem. Once you learned where you should slide the thread through, you are halfway done. And making some every-day object is not too difficult.

It’s always useful to know how to make what we need, exactly in the color and size that we need (with very few money, moreover).

For instance, I needed a small pouch to carry around my first aid kit: plasters, peroxide, disinfectant, gauze, ointments. There’s always some child that meets the floor too quick and hard 🙂

My creation was featured by The Gunny Sack! 🙂

I am very proud of my button! 🙂

You’ll need:

2 red  fabric rectangles 31×23 cm

2 yellow interfacing rectangles 31×22 cm

yellow zipper 37 cm

matching threads

needle and sewing machine

DISCLAIMER: This pouch is not perfect. You’ll see the seams in the bottom inside, and the final parts of the zippers are visible. BUT I found the procedure quite easy even if I am a beginner, so I decided to share it.

Anyway, the pouch looks awesome from the outside!!

(as a beginner, I had the first inspiration from here

1) Cut the zipper the lenght you need (about 37 cm) and sew together the ends, so that the zip pull won’t slip out.

2 – Hand sew the final part of the zipper to a small piece of red fabric (the exterior). This will give it more stenght.

3 – Put the yellow interfacing on the red exterior. Fold the exceeding red (1 cm) on the yellow, and iron. (repeat for the other two rectangles)

4 – Baste the flap (is this the right word?) on all its lenghts

5 – Sew (after basting again if you’re  no expert) the rectangle on one side of the zipper. Repeat for the other side and rectangle.

6 – Now you should have basically one zipper fithe two rectangles sewed on the side. Fold the work right side indide (the red fabric).

Pin the bottom for all its lenght. Baste and sew straight across the bottom. (see the red line I drew, it is opposite to the zipper)

7 – Now fold again the pouch so that the zipper is right under the seam that you just sewed.

8 – Sew together the short ends of the pouch (watch out for the zipper: if you try to sew on it, the needle will break since it’s plastic!)

Now, if you tur it inside out, you have already somethig you could use. With different sizes, could be a perfect pencil pouch, just as in Katy’s tutorial.

But to make this a squared puch we need some more work. You see that if we pin the 4 angles vertically, we have already a parallelepiped shape:

9 – So turn inside out you pouch again. Fold each corner as in the pic. Draw a line and sew (see the dotted line in the pic)

11 – Trim off the excess fabric. I sewed a zig zag seam to prevent the exterior fabric from fraying.

Turn your pouch inside out. The doctor bag is almost ready, you just need to sew a couple of crosses, to suggest what will be inside.

You are done, and you can fill it up:

See you soon (and thank you Katy for the great tutorial),


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5 Risposte a “A first aid pouch (tutorial)”

  1. thegunnysack 19 novembre 2011 a 21:20 #

    I love this first aid pouch! Thanks for linking up this week. I wanted to let you know that I am featuring this today! Come check it out: http://www.thegunnysack.com/2011/11/whats-in-gunny-sack-features_19.html

  2. Football News 25 novembre 2011 a 19:24 #

    I’ve just found your site on Google. You did a great job 😉


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