Autumn Leaves Art

21 Nov

I know that somewhere in the U.S. it’s already snowing, but here in north Italy it’s all about fog. It’s so foggy that sometimes  when I look out of the window I can barely see the apartments across the street. BUT last sunday we enjoyed a great beginning-of-fall very sunny sunday. 🙂

And my cub scouts surprised us with their creativity!

The goal was to create something artistic with very few material. They were only required to use fallen leaves.

Each group had a white cardboard poster, glue, scissors, markers, fabric scraps. Everything else was to be found around the countryside.

(the fish above was made by me and the other pack leaders)

They said this is a cub scout

A house in the mountains

A tree and flying leaves

View of a lawn

Portrait (I love the hat!!!)

Some pics of the backstage 🙂

I’ll be sharing this post here:



I’ll be sharing this post here:

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