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Recycled plastic beads

25 Mag

diy plastic beadsHello!

Today I’d like to show you one of my latest ideas & creations. There are already quite some recycled jewelry tutorials on this blog, but here comes yet another 🙂 I personally love this necklace: it’s bright and colorful and it’s basically FREE: all you need are plastic bottles (we use way too many in our day-to-day life) and some time to make them.

This necklace, together with recycled plastic earrings, were given to my friend Vale, who now proudly wears them to office 🙂

Here’s what you need:

materiale perline di riciclo

plastic bottles in many colors

scissors, candle, lighter

jewelry pliers, round nose.

Tutorial after the jump!


Read the tutorial!

Pumpkin glass jars (halloween craft)

23 Ott

glass jar recycle

Hi everybody!

First of all I have to thank Bowdabra for featuring my DIY Indian headband!! Thank you for including me in last week’s favorites! 🙂

So… Halloween is approaching! Even if it’s not a tradition here in Italy, Halloween is becoming quite popular… Well, always a good excuse to dress up and throw a party! 🙂
For the occasion I gave my little cousing two lanterns. Well, they might not be so original 🙂 but I like them and they were so easy to make. I thought this could be a perfect activity for children.

The paint is inside the jar, so the outside is shiny; and this makes the jar last longer!

Other lanterns I made: here, here and here! Have fun with your kids!

And a super fun halloween idea: snails!

Read the tutorial!

Headband with feathers (indian costume DIY)

15 Ott


Hello everybody!!

last week I was very lucky to receive a gift from Abakhan, a craft supply store that offered a tutorial exchange with Totally Tutorial.

I decide to use the feathers that I received to create something useful to enrich our native-americans wardrobe: sooner than later there will be another indian themed cub scout camp!!

While planning this tutorial, I wanted to create something easy, cheap and quick to make, but also beautiful and durable. The heasband must be also comfortable, since the person who wears it has to play and have fun in the meanwhile! 🙂

I am very satisfied with the resul: being made of an old leather belt, the headband is quite sturdy, and stays on your forehead without squeezing your brains.

Read more!!

Buttoned notebooks

17 Set


Hello everybody!

Today I’m going to show you how to make yourself some little notebooks, using just what you have at home. Well, I first saw something very similar on Pinterest, and I had to try asap 🙂

While thinking about how to personalize my booklets, I encountered a tutorial exchange with Lots of Buttons, an enormous online store that sells hundreds of beautiful buttons. I used some of the biggest and most colorful ones to decorate (and close) my notebooks.

My recycled notebooks are kinda girly, and they are machine sewn: obviously you could make then anyhow you like them, and even children can make some, provided some help from adults!

I made several differnt notebooks: one has a watercolor on the cover: it was made by a small child from where I work (luckily I hardly throw away their paintings or drawings). Another notebook is painted with chalkboard paint ( I loooove it). All of them have a hardcover made of salvaged cardboard: cereal, pasta, yoghurt, rice boxes. Plus colorful and funny buttons, some from Lots of Buttons (thank you again guys!)

Come fare? Leggi il tutorial!

How to: pierce a tin can to make a lantern

15 Set


Hello everybody!

What can you do with all of those cans of coffee, tomato, green beans and so on (that you use everyday)? I had a lot of very small cans, single portions of Bolognese sauce, very useful for students… and I wanted to make something out of them!

I didn’t throw them away and one day I realized that the had the perfect width to hold a tealight.

So I had the idea for these small lanterns.

You may obviously use also bigger can, but you will have to use bigger candles though, otherwise you won’t have the same effect.

Read the tutorial!

Campfire cake, in a pineapple’s shell

3 Set

campfire chocolate cake in a pineapple shell

August the 15th is a holiday in Italy, so Stefano and I enjoyed lunch on the riverside, for a so much needed time alone in the nature 🙂

Even without our uniforms, we’re still scouts, so we cooked on the fire. A part from classics (bone ribs, sausages and potatoes) I decided to try out something new: a chocolate cake. I found many recipes on Pinterest, but all of them use orange’s shells. I wanted to use a pineapple’s shell, it’s summer!! 🙂

Continua a leggere, clicca qui!

Lantern how-to by a cub scout

24 Lug

This week’s creation comes from a little wolf of mine, Lorenzo, who made it to become a “senior” cub scout.

The whole pack tested that the lantern works fine, and Lorenzo learned something more about electricity: Bagheera is very proud of him, since he loves to inspire the youth with engineering (he’s a future aerospace engineer, hopefully).

After Lorenzo showed the lantern to the pack, Stefano/Bagheera wrote a tutorial for the blog:

(and it’s perfect for this weeks SYTYC theme, “let’s here it from the boys”!! )…. go vote for your favourite creation, I’ll link up this post in the link party! 🙂


Read the tutorial!

Pinterest fail #1

13 Lug

A volte, oltre alle mie creazioni lupettistiche e/o bambinesche, provo anche a realizzare cose serie, cose da adulti, cose che poi potrò usare (o almeno così spero).

La colpa è di Pinterest, che mi bombarda ogni giorno di idee di DIY (do it yourself) su scarpe, vestiti, accessori fai da te. Mezzo mondo (femminile) passa il tempo a pinnare e repinnare magnifici tutorial e magnifiche immagini di manufatti perfettamente riusciti (a loro).

Perché a me non sempre la ciambella esce con il buco!

Recentemente, il più grande trend sembra essere l’ “effetto ombré“: ed io, naturalmente, ho voluto provare su una maglietta. Sembrava facile facile, un po’ di colore e via! Sì certo, come no. 🙂

Risultato, un grande disastro immettibile. O no?? Cosa dite?

Così, divertita dalle analoghe esperienze di Haley su “homespun haley“, le ho inviato le foto della terribile maglietta color…. feci (per essere fine) e lei le ha pubblicate nella sua sezione “pinterest fail” : clicca QUI per leggere il suo post.

E’ sempre bello poter condividere i propri guai creativi con qualcuno! Che soddisfazione! 🙂 thank you Haley!

Siete anche voi patite di Pinterest? ripensateci su Craft Fail (è imperdibile). 😀

A lunedì!


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How to make a beach style photo frame (DIY)

25 Giu

shells, sand

Hi everyone!!

This tutorial will show you how to make a frame out of very simple materials: a styrofoam tray, some sand and some shells. I really love collecting shells when I’m at the beach. In fact, I already crafted THESE and I am planning something more. 🙂

Hopefully, this summer I’ll spend some days in Marina di Massa, Tuscany, and I will collect some more shells  (I really dislike buying them in craft stores… most of the fun is managing to spot them on the foreshore! 🙂 )

The beauty of your craft will entirely depend on the cleannes of the sand and on the shape and color of the shells.

Read the tutorial!

Stanciled memo board

28 Mag

I made this little bulletin board  in no more than half an hour. It’s Cub Scouts’ style (see the wolf print?), but you could easily decorate it how you prefer, it depends on the stancil you decide to use.

Since it’s very easy to make, and it requires only cheap materials, I think this craft is suitable for children of all ages!

I used THESE cork trivets from Ikea: they are very cheap, and they just have the perfect size.

Here’s what you will need:

This is the how-to:

1) Tape the stancil to the board, then paint your design. In this case I made a wolf’s print, because I thought this activity for my cub scouts; otherwise I’d have rather painted flowery or geometrical designs, or someone’s name or a quote…

2) Starting from the middle top, glue the rope to the board. Consider that the knot should be tied at the middle bottom.

3) Tie the knot.

4) Press the two small nails into the cork board to attach the hook. I’m sure that it has another name in English, but I have no idea what is it!! 🙂

The last thing to do is prevent the rope ends from fraying: you may use white glue or super glue (the last is more resistent but it will change the rope’s color where you apply it)

You are done!! 🙂

Have fun!


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