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Pumpkin glass jars (halloween craft)

23 Ott

glass jar recycle

Hi everybody!

First of all I have to thank Bowdabra for featuring my DIY Indian headband!! Thank you for including me in last week’s favorites! 🙂

So… Halloween is approaching! Even if it’s not a tradition here in Italy, Halloween is becoming quite popular… Well, always a good excuse to dress up and throw a party! 🙂
For the occasion I gave my little cousing two lanterns. Well, they might not be so original 🙂 but I like them and they were so easy to make. I thought this could be a perfect activity for children.

The paint is inside the jar, so the outside is shiny; and this makes the jar last longer!

Other lanterns I made: here, here and here! Have fun with your kids!

And a super fun halloween idea: snails!

Read the tutorial!

Kids Christmas crafts – ideas –

12 Dic

Browsing the internet I found 4 Christmas ideas that I liked;

and I found them perfect for a Christmas activity with the Cubs: not too easy, not to hard.

The Cubs could also make a small sell of their creations to raise a little money for some collective project.

Click on the pictures to see the tutorial! Some of them are in other languages but the photos are self-explaining 🙂

In our last activity we made THESE decorations.

Enjoy my features: 🙂

Toilet paper poinsettias

The Crafty Crow

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Garden bees

10 Ott


Hello everybody!

This crafty idea is taken from a tv show called “Paint your life”, broadcasted by Real Time channel. I don’t follow the show because I find their projects kind of repetitive, plus I don’t have a new piece of furniture every week to repaint or repurpose! 🙂

Anyway, while I was with my friends in the mountains, lazily sitting on the couch in front of the tv, I saw the presenter making these little bees: they are very easy to make, and I didn’t have to buy anything, so… why not?

This is yet another project that allows us to creatively re-use the packaging that we have at home evey day: cans, plastic lids and bottles.

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