Recycled plastic beads

25 Mag

diy plastic beadsHello!

Today I’d like to show you one of my latest ideas & creations. There are already quite some recycled jewelry tutorials on this blog, but here comes yet another 🙂 I personally love this necklace: it’s bright and colorful and it’s basically FREE: all you need are plastic bottles (we use way too many in our day-to-day life) and some time to make them.

This necklace, together with recycled plastic earrings, were given to my friend Vale, who now proudly wears them to office 🙂

Here’s what you need:

materiale perline di riciclo

plastic bottles in many colors

scissors, candle, lighter

jewelry pliers, round nose.

Tutorial after the jump!


Premise: making these beads means melting plastic: obviously this can’t be so healthy…. so I only do it near an open window. Moreover, it’s it not good for your sight to watch candle light for too long. That’s why I only make some beads at a time, working maximum 20 minutes.

1) Cut your bottle in strips. They should be more or less 7 mm high. If the bottle is thick, the strips can be  about 5 cm long, otherwise it should be longer.

2) Roll the strips around the pliers’ nose. One of the “noses” must stay in the center of the bead, so that, while melting, we keep the hole.plastic beads how to

3) Then, put the tip of the pliers close to the candle’s fire. Plastic will begin to melt. You can experiment: each plastic will melt in a different way. Slowly melt firs one end, then the other. You must avoid burning the plastic: it will become brown.

plastic beads how to tutorial

plastic beads how to tutorial

This is the bead you will obtain.

… then you can use it as you want!

I made a necklace, by simply stringing many beads on transparent fishing thread.

recycled plastic beads tutorial

Not bad, huh? 🙂

Everything starting only from simple BOTTLES!!

Bottles that can have a second life (what about the caps??)

plastic beads necklace and bracelet how to

But how many things you can make out of bottles???!!!

You can find some clicking here

What about this bottle cap curtain? Splendid!

recycle plastic bottle caps

Catherine-wheels? Cub scout level!

upcycle plastic bottles

I also love Serena’s PET earrings!

recycle plastic from bottle to jewelry

via: suonatrice di carillon

And this necklace is dangerous too 🙂

rciciclo plastica per gioiellieria

via: francine bricole

See you soon!


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8 Risposte a “Recycled plastic beads”

  1. vjstracener 25 Maggio 2013 a 19:11 #

    That is ingenious

  2. nicole 8 giugno 2013 a 19:47 #

    wow this is so creative! I could never think of something like this. great upcycling project

  3. scouttina 11 giugno 2013 a 20:04 #


  4. ospitiguerriereMonica 17 giugno 2013 a 12:23 #

    Bella idea!

  5. Vogliounamelablu 23 luglio 2013 a 14:11 #

    Bellissima idea e realizzazione! Mi piace molto il tuo blog!

    • crearescout 23 luglio 2013 a 15:02 #

      Grazie! Anche a me piace il tuo, e ti seguo da un po’ 🙂

  6. ashley robb 17 gennaio 2014 a 09:49 #

    That’s a good idea and makes pretty objects, but really pay attention on the exhalations!


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